About Us


So he popped the question and you said yes… now it’s time to get your fairy-tale wedding planned, but there’s so much to do, and so much you haven’t even thought of yet. This is where mother and son team Wes and Rose du Toit from Thandana Weddings (meaning love one another), formerly known as Weddings by Rose comes in, to make sure your wedding is everything you’ve been dreaming of and more.

Just 4 years ago Wes was working at an international IT firm in Johannesburg, but trying to find a comfortable balance between being a father and surviving big city life, he decided to leave all that behind and join his mother here in the Platteland with its wide open spaces and friendly people. Pretty soon he found himself immersed in the world of wedding planning. “If you asked me a few years ago if I could see myself as a wedding planner, the answer would be no. Life has taken my son and I on a whirlwind adventure. We are enjoying life in Ladysmith and most importantly I love being part of a time that is so special for families, and turning it into something they will remember forever. It is our job to make sure that everything is perfect for the bride, groom and their guests.”

At Thandana Weddings, Wes and his mother Rose offer brides much more than a simple package. “We don’t limit the bride to a speci¬fic package, every bride is different and every couple has vision for their wedding day and it’s so important to us that their dream comes true. So we cater to their speci¬fic needs. Since we understand that our clients are individuals we plan weddings for people from all cultural backgrounds from African weddings to Muslim to Hindu to Western weddings. We can accommodate anyone. We don’t cater for Muslim or Hindu weddings as their dietary requirements is not something we feel we can do perfectly, but we have caterers we love working with, who do an amazing job catering for those special days. We do offer a beautiful wedding venue on our property (Nauntons Guest House) named Thandana Wedding Venue, but that doesn’t mean the wedding has to take place at Thandana. Wherever the couple feels more comfortable and needs us to be is a pleasure for us to work at. The reason Rose & Wes are such an unstoppable team is because they work in perfect sync. “My mother is an absolute inspiration. She’s been planning weddings for 15 years, and she is continuously broadening her horizons. She is always looking for new ideas and trying new things. We believe that no two weddings should be the same, simply because no two couples are exactly the same. So she is constantly sharpening her skills. If a bride wants a certain dish that mother has never made, she will try the dish and persevere until she gets it perfect, there is no such thing as giving up or simply saying no we can’t.”

Deciding on a theme for the wedding takes time, but in the experienced hands of the du Toit team you are sure to be thrilled. “When we meet with a bridal pair to discuss the wedding it is normally a three hour consultation where we get to know the couple, get a feel for them, their needs and their unique tastes, and this is how we form a picture of the big day.” Wes wants to remind brides that wedding planning is no small feat. “It is important to remember that time is not your friend. A wedding can’t be arranged in just three months. Yes, it is possible, but the stress of leaving things to the last minute is not fair on the family or the wedding couple, so make sure to start planning your wedding a year in advance to ensure you have time for every little detail.

Believe me, there are hundreds of little details that work together to create a beautiful wedding. This is a wedding planner’s job, we take care of everything… except the cake and the dress, but we know fantastic people who can get that arranged as well. We are involved in many weddings for city dwellers and our standards certainly match up with what they’re used to, because they keep coming back. Just because you live in a small town doesn’t mean your wedding day won’t be as glamorous as a city wedding. Every bride deserves the wedding of her dreams and that’s what we do. We have been so blessed, not many people can say that they make dreams come true for a living every weekend.” Thandana Weddings has enjoyed wonderful support from people all over the country for the past 15 years and they’re still going strong. This is a clear indication that they have a winning recipe, putting the power in the bride’s hands, making sure that every detail is taken care of and every eventuality thought of, so that the couple can have perfect memories of their perfect day forever.