Boutique Store


The Du Toit family is passionate about beauty, and helping their community create beautiful memories. Over the years, that is exactly what they have done. It all started with Nauntons Guest House, from where they hosted weddings and other functions. Then came Thandana Weddings, which opened up a whole new adventure with more space and a new take on what they can offer. But Rose du Toit knew there was one more thing they needed to do. “I’ve always had a secret wish to open a store in town. This store would be a gateway to everything we have to offer.

Somewhere easily accessible, where clients can pop in and see what they like and talk to us about their needs. After Wes relocated back to Ladysmith, the dream could then turn into a reality.” With their extensive experience in the industry, Rose and Wes has managed to come up with the best ideas to present their clients with. Their décor and original ideas are a winning combination.“

Just because we live in small towns scattered far apart certainly doesn’t mean we can’t have our functions just as stylish and beautiful as anything they have in any city around the world. We believe in innovation, in imagination. All we need is a spark, an idea and with our experience and enthusiasm, we can make anything happen.”

Wes is passionate about what he does, and being a bit of a perfectionist, he knows he needs strong shoulders to lean on. This is where the support of his mom Rose and dad Chris come in. “They are my pillars of strength. Thandana has grown over the years and we have stood together every step of the way. With Nauntons Guest House and Thandana Weddings & Functions still in business, and the opening of Thandana Weddings Boutique Store, the Du Toit’s needs the support of their family now more than ever. “I’m so very blessed to have the family I have. I can always rely on them for support. They are always willing to go the extra mile and work really hard. We have wonderful Office Managers, Courtney Francis & Deidre Ley, who is just fantastic at what they do. With such a strong team behind me, it’s no wonder we have come so far.” Thandana Weddings Boutique Store opened in May 2016 with a luxurious opening function. Rose and Wes were overjoyed with how well the store was received by the community. They are looking forward to a long and successful stay in Murchison Street, Ladysmith. The store offers décor for weddings, birthday parties, cocktail parties, dinner parties, engagement parties, umembesos and umabos, tombstone unveilings, parents thanksgivings and religious holiday celebrations.“

The store brings the products to the people. We have extensive ideas we want to share with people and most importantly, we want to hear what ideas the community have and see how we can combine those ideas and make it something remarkable.“ With the opening of Thandana Weddings Boutique Store, we are bringing the people a taste of what it is we do.” While the Du Toit’s don’t bake speciality cakes and sew dresses themselves, they do have a trusted source they can turn to. They also stock fashion jewellery for brides and matric farewells. When you find yourself planning a big function or even a wedding, you need not look any further than Thandana Weddings Boutique Store, where you will be in experienced, capable hands to make sure your function will be a memorable experience, not just for you, but also your guests. “

"We look forward to welcoming you and making your dream day a reality,” said Wes.